The DBBS Curriculum Task Force aims to enhance education in core competencies and scientific knowledge essential to twenty-first century interdisciplinary bioscience research, using best practices in pedagogy. To this end, we will make recommendations to the DBBS Associate Dean for Graduate Education to support our first-year Ph.D. students of diverse learning styles and knowledge levels. We will also define a set of core competencies that all DBBS students should master during their graduate program.

Our guiding principles include: reducing duplication of faculty efforts, enhancing the quality of faculty-student interactions, reducing time-to-degree, and maximizing students’ time in lab, which remains the core of PhD training.

Reasons to Convene a Task Force

  • Prominent national scientific leaders, funding agencies, and local administrators are calling for reconsideration of the elements of strong graduate education.
  • Individual DBBS training programs have developed innovative curricular elements that could benefit all students in biology and biomedical sciences.
  • Pedagogical resources are changing rapidly with technology; we want to ensure efficient, evidence-based use.
  • Innovation in interdisciplinary graduate education is at the heart of DBBS training and history.