Article Publications

“Historical Border Changes, State Building and Contemporary Trust in Europe” (2021) with Scott F Abramson and Luwei Ying

Forthcoming at American Political Science Review

“The Geography of Separatist Violence” (2021) with Morgan Kaplan and Ken Schultz

Forthcoming at International Studies Quarterly

“The Varieties of The Varieties of Coups D’état: Introducing the Colpus Dataset.” (2021) with John Chin and Joseph Wright

Forthcoming at International Studies Quarterly

“The Gravity of Transnational Terrorism.” (2021) with Luwei Ying

Journal of Conflict Resolution 65(4): 813-849.

Systemic Instability and the Emergence of Border Disputes.” (2021) with Scott F Abramson

International Organization 75(1): 103-146. [Supplemental Appendix]

Barriers to Trade: How Border Walls Affect Trade Relations.” (2020) with Paul Poast

International Organization 74(1): 165-185. [Supplemental Appendix]

Places to Hide: Terrain, Ethnicity, and Political Violence.” (2019) with Andrew Shaver and Austin Wright

Journal of Politics 81(4): 1446-1465. [Supplemental Appendix]

Terrorism and State Sponsorship in World Politics.” (2019) with Saurabh Pant

Chapter in Oxford Handbook on Terrorism, edited by Erica Chenoweth, Richard English, Andreas Gofas, and Stathis N. Kalyvas.

Terrain Ruggedness and Land Use: Improved Data.” (2019) with Andrew Shaver and Tsering Shawa

Conflict Management and Peace Science 36(2): 191-218. [Supplemental Appendix]

International Law, Territorial Disputes and Foreign Direct Investment” (2018) with Rachel Wellhausen and Paul K. Huth

International Studies Quarterly 63(1): 58-71. [Supplemental Appendix]

International Trade and Coordination: Tracing Border Effects.” (2018) with H.E. Goemans

World Politics 70(1): 1-52.

Why Do States Build Walls? Political Economy, Security, and Border Stability” (2017) with Paul Poast

Journal of Conflict Resolution 61(2):239-270. [Replication Files]

History as a Double-Edged Sword: Historical Boundaries and Territorial Claims” (2017)

Politics, Philosophy & Economics 16(4): 400-421

The Historical Origins of Territorial Disputes.” (2016) with Scott F Abramson

American Political Science Review 110(4): 675–698. [Supplemental Appendix]

Provocation and the Strategy of Terrorist and Guerrilla Attacks” (2016)

International Organization 70(1): 133–173. [Supplemental Appendix 1, Supplemental Appendix 2]

The Compellence Dilemma: International Disputes with Violent Groups” (2015)

International Studies Quarterly 59(3): 461–476. [Supplemental Appendix]

Terrorism and the Fate of Dictators” (2015) with Deniz Aksoy and Joseph Wright

World Politics 67(3): 423-468. [Supplemental Appendix] [Replication Files]

Democracy and Multilateralism: The Case of Vote Buying the UN General Assembly.” (2015) with Randall Stone

International Organization 69(1): 1-33. [Supplemental Appendix

When Terrorism Is Evidence of State Success: Securing the State Against Territorial Groups.” (2015)

Oxford Economic Papers 67(1): 116-132.

Fair Weather Allies: Terrorism and the Allocation of United States Foreign Aid.” (2014) with Andrew Boutton

Journal of Conflict Resolution 58(7) (October 2014): 1144-1173.

The Temporal Dynamics of New International Borders” (2014) with H.E. Goemans

Conflict Management and Peace Science 31(3) (July 2014): 285-302.

Electoral Institutions and the Emergence of Terrorist Groups” (2014) with Deniz Aksoy

British Journal of Political Science 44(1) (January 2014): 181-204. [Replication Files]

Terrorist Group and Government Interaction: Progress in Empirical Research

Perspectives on Terrorism 6(4-5) (October 2012): 109-125.

Terrorism in Dictatorships” (2012) with Deniz Aksoy and Joseph Wright

Journal of Politics. 74(3) (July 2012): 810-826. [Supplemental Appendix, Replication Files]

“A Blessing or a Curse? State Support for Terrorist Groups.” (2012)

International Organization. 66(1) (Winter 2012): 129-151.

The Making of the Territorial Order: New Borders and the Emergence of Interstate Conflict.” (2011) with H.E. Goemans

International Organization. 65(2) (Spring 2011): 275-309. [Replication Files]

The Strategy of Territorial Conflict.” (2010)

American Journal of Political Science. 54(4) (October 2010): 969-987.

Back to the Future: Modeling Time Dependence in Binary Data.” (2010) with Curt Signorino

Political Analysis. 18(3) (Summer 2010): 271-292. (The 5th most cited paper ever published in Political Analysis. [Supplemental Appendix]

        Reply to Time is Not a Theoretical Variable.” (2010) with Curt Signorino

        Political Analysis. 18(3) (Summer 2010): 295-296.

Under the Influence? Intellectual Exchange in Political Science.” (2008) with Arthur Spirling

PS: Political Science and Politics. 41(2) (April 2008): 375-379.


Historical Dictionary of Modern Coups D’etat. with John Chin and Joseph Wright

Forthcoming, Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield

Working Papers

“Border Walls and Illicit Trade Networks.” (2022) with Bailee Donahue and Rob Williams

Under Review

“Historical Population Displacements and Contemporary Political Behavior.” (2022) with Austin L. Wright and Luwei Ying

“Historical Border Changes, Trust in Government and COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake.” (2022) with Matthew Gabel and Alma Velazquez

“Good Times, Bad Times: Left-Censoring in Grouped Duration Data.” (2019) with Curt Signorino and Luwei Ying

“Territorial Concessions and Coup Opportunity in Dictatorships.” (2014) with Keren Yarhi-Milo and John Chin

Work In Progress

Book Project: The Geography of Coordination: Natural Boundaries, Historical Boundaries and the Territorial State.