Edited Journal Issues

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“Legacies of Racial Conflict and Violence.” Race and Justice 4, 4 (with Geoff Ward, 2015).

Articles and Chapters

“Contesting Commemorative Landscapes: Confederate Monuments and Trajectories of Change.” Social Problems (with Christina Simko and Nicole Fox, 2022).

“Exculpating Injustice: Coroner Constructions of White Innocence in the Postbellum South.” Socius (with Sarah Gaby, Hedwig Lee, Geoff Ward, and Ashley Jackson, 2021).

“(Dis)continuities in Racialized Legal Violence.” The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science (with Geoff Ward, Hedwig Lee, and Sarah Gaby, 2021).

“White Health Benefits of Histories of Enslavement: The Case of Opioid Deaths.” The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science (with Ryan Gabriel, Michael Esposito, Geoff Ward, Hedwig Lee, and Margaret Hicken, 2021.).

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“Configuring Political Repression: Anti-Civil Rights Enforcement in Mississippi.” Mobilization (with Geoff Ward and Peter Owens, 2019).

“Race, Ethnicity, and Social Movements.” Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Social Movements (with Peter B. Owens and Rory McVeigh, 2018).

“Differentiating Hate: Threat and Opportunity as Drivers of Organization vs. Action.” Sociological Research Online (Rapid Response issue on “Contemporary Countermovements in the Age of Populism,” 2018).

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Other Essays

What the policing response to the KKK in the 1960s can teach about dismantling white supremacist groups today.” 2021. The Conversation.

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Police No Evil,” with Jennifer Earl. 2021. Lawfare.

Monuments Lost and Found in St. Louis,” with Alia Nahra. 2020. Monument Lab/Pulitzer Arts Foundation Public Iconographies Project.

Structural Racism is Killing US,” with Hedwig Lee and Savannah Larimore. 2020. Harris Institute Gun Violence and Human Rights Initiative Blog.

It Shouldn’t Be a Surprise That African Americans are Dying in St. Louis,” with Hedwig Lee, Geoff Ward, and Sarah Gaby. 2020. St. Louis Post-Dispatch (15 April).

Review of Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman. 2019. The Journal of American History.

“The Virtual and Real Worlds of White Nationalism.” 2018. The Common Reader.

“A Long View on the Alt-Right’s Doomed Emergence from the Shadows.” 2017. Mobilizing Ideas Essay Dialogue: The Alt-Right.

“Top 5 Questions About the KKK.” 2015. PBS American Experience Online.
“Local Rules: Institutional Bases for Challenging Segregation in the Civil Rights-Era South.” 2014. Mobilizing Ideas Essay Dialogue: Origins of the Civil Rights Movement.
“Heterodoxy, Insulation, and the Production of Racist Violence.” 2013. Mobilizing Ideas Essay Dialogue: Right-Wing Extremism, Racist Movements, and Fights for Racial Justice.
“Hit and Miss: Making Connections in the Social Movements Classroom.” 2012. Mobilizing Ideas Essay Dialogue: Pedagogy of Social Movements.
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