Washington University in St. Louis

ESE 498: Electrical Engineering Senior Design

Controlling the Stability of an Interconnected Financial Network

by Woenho Chung and Nathan Vogt

Global Systemically Important Banks

In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, the complex and interconnected financial network has captivated and motivated many researches. Our project attempts to analyze the possibility of an increase in stability of an interconnected financial network through various control strategies.

Nathan Vogt is an Electrical Engineering Undergraduate and Master of Business Administration Candidate at WashU. His undergraduate studies focused primarily on Systems and Robotics engineering. His current interests include entrepreneurship, consulting, and education.

Woehno Chung is an Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering student at WashU. His research focus has been modeling financial systems. He is currently studying for the CPA exam and aims to be an investment banker in the future.