U.N. Sixth Committee and General Assembly Pass Resolutions on Crimes Against Humanity

On November 10, 2019, the U.N. Sixth Committee adopted Draft Resolution II on Crimes against Humanity which took note of the International Law Commission’s Draft Articles and decided “to include in the provisional agenda of its seventy-fifth session an item entitled “Crimes against humanity” and to continue to examine the recommendation of the Commission.” (https://undocs.org/en/A/74/425). Forty-two states joined a statement from Austria stating “regret […] that the Sixth Committee was not able to agree on an ambitious and structured approach for [] future deliberations on the recommendation of the ILC to elaborate a convention on the basis of its draft articles.” (http://statements.unmeetings.org/media2/23557769/-e-austria-statement-item-79-eop.pdf). The General Assembly took up the International Law Commission’s Report and adopted Resolution 187 on December 18, 2019, which expressed appreciation to the International Law Commission for its continuing contribution to the codification and progressive development of international law and took note of the draft articles on crimes against humanity. (https://undocs.org/en/A/RES/74/186). The U.N. Sixth Committee will re-visit the topic of crimes against humanity in October 2020. The Harris Institute will continue to promote and advocate for this important international convention, which will be a critical tool in the fight against impunity for the commission of international crimes.