Crimes Against Humanity News

CAH Initiative and Global Justice Center Circulate Letter to UN Sixth Committee Representatives

Crimes Against Humanity Initiative Director Leila Nadya Sadat and Global Justice Center Akila Radkrishnan have been closely following the work of the UN Sixth Committee delegates as they debate the International Law Commission’s draft articles on crimes against humanity. The negotiations have been very productive this year, but there remain some holdouts which could block forward progress. The signatories, which include the members of the Crimes Against Humanity Initiative’s Steering Committee, as well as the President and Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, urge the Sixth Committee to establish a process this year with a view to realizing the International Law Commission’s recommendation to elaborate the draft articles on the Prevention and Punishment of Crimes against Humanity into a treaty. We further recommend that the process have a clear mandate, defined meetings, specific terms of reference, and a timeline for completion of the work on the ILC Draft Articles on Crimes Against Humanity. Read statement here.