CPAC IX: Media, Misinformation, and Propaganda

April 29, 2022
Seigle Hall, Room 248

The 2022 CPAC will explore how traditional and social media in both authoritarian and democratic regimes disseminate propaganda and misinformation. We will also discuss the causes of misinformation and its consequences on domestic and international politics. The invited speakers are Erin Baggot Carter (USC), Hannah S. Chapman (Miami University), Jane Esberg (Princeton), Andrew Guess (Princeton), Carlo Horz (Texas A&M), Haifeng Huang (UC Merced), Ethan Porter (George Washington University), and Alexandra Siegel (University of Colorado at Boulder). This event will be held in person at the department of political science.

(The details of the presented works will be coming soon.)

Erin Baggot Carter (USC)

Hannah S. Chapman (Miami University)

Jane Esberg (Princeton University and International Crisis Group)

Andrew Guess (Princeton University)

Carlo Horz (Texas A&M University)

Haifeng Huang (UC Merced)

Ethan Porter (George Washington University)

Alexandra Siegel (University of Colorado at Boulder)

The graduate student organizers this year are Jordan H. McAllister and Tony Zirui Yang