CPAC II: Causes and Consequences of Socio-Economic Inequality

May 2, 2014
Seigle Hall, Room 248

The Comparative Politics Workshop at the Department of Political Science, Washington University in Saint Louis, sponsors the 2014 Comparative Politics Annual Conference (CPAC) which focuses on the causes and consequences of socio-economic inequality. You can view the conference schedule here.

The invited speaks include:

Michael Albertus (Chicago)

Pablo Beramendi (Duke)

Branko Milanović (World Bank/UMD)

Ana de la O (Yale), Jonathan Rodden (Stanford)

Philipp Rehm (Ohio State)

The WUSTL participants include:

Ambreen Chaudhri

Betül Demirkaya

Jay Krehbiel

Adrián Lucardi

Constanza F. Schibber

Viktoryia Schnose