Undergraduate research projects

Undergraduate major in Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences are welcome to work with me on projects studying meteorites, lunar rocks or terrestrial samples using isotopic geochemistry tools. Please send me an email (wangkun@wustl.edu) for appointments and stop by my office (Rudolph Hall Room 327) to discuss potential projects that interest you.

PhD graduate students

Undergraduate or master students with backgrounds of geochemistry, mineralogy, petrology, and geology are welcome to apply to the Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences program at Washington University in St. Louis to work with me. Potential projects include using high precision isotopic analyses of various non-traditional isotope systems to understand the initial physical and chemical conditions during the formation and differentiation of Solar System and terrestrial planets.

All PhD students accepted by the Department will be fully funded for the years studying at WashU if their academic performances are satisfied. Tuition is waived by the Graduate School and a stipend is also provided to students. St. Louis is a very affordable and lovely city to live.

Don’t hesitate to send me an email if you have any questions (wangkun@wustl.edu).

Application procedures and requirements from the Graduate School and the Department can be found here.

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