The goal for our project was to design a small, lightweight, wirelessly rechargeable transmitter that is capable of identifying copperhead snakes and reporting temperature, battery life, and GPS location. All of this information is sent to a base station that will be set up in Powder Valley.

What We Did

  • Designed a snake tracker that uses radio to identify the snake and communicate GPS location, temperature, and remaining battery life
  • Designed a base station with radio communication and GPS capabilities with a USB port for data transfers and charging
  • Develop a communication protocol for the snake trackers and base stations that reliably relays information and conserves battery life
  • Integrate an inductive wireless charging battery circuit to the snake trackers to allow charging while implanted in a snake

People Involved

Project Group Members:

  • Hannah Fikes
  • William Gardner
  • Michael Williams


  • Dr. Jim Feher


  • Dr. Benjamin Jellen