The pages in this section discuss how far we got in the simulation of our integrated speed and position controllers. We were never fully able to achieve system-wide integration into one Simulink but were able to successfully implement individual controllers.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 9.34.24 PM

The above Simulink shows our attempt at integrating our entire system. The top two PIV controllers work to control the position of the pan and tilt servos. These work in phase 1 where the camera pans left and right while searching for a tennis ball. Once a ball is in the frame, phase 2 begins which involves aligning the ball in the center of the camera frame while also aligning the ball with the camera. The integrated MATLAB function works to control movement of either the left or right motor so that the rover and camera will be aligned. Once phase 2 is complete, the rover and camera will be aligned with the ball and will simply need to move forward. This movement is done by the PI speed controllers in the bottom of the Simulink.