Johanna Nagy


Office: Compton 252

Lab: Compton 168

Department of Physics
Washington University in St. Louis 
1 Brookings Dr., MSC 1105-109-02
St. Louis, MO 63130

How to join us

See available research opportunities below:


The Washington University Physics Department and the McDonnell Center for the Space Sciences provide research support for undergraduate students during the Summer and the academic year. You can learn more about the undergraduate research programs here. Summer research applications are typically due in Spring, but interested students are encouraged to contact Johanna Nagy during Winter to learn about potential projects. At least one year of introductory college physics coursework is usually recommended before joining the group.

Graduate Students

The Nagy lab is currently looking for Ph.D. students to work on all ongoing research projects. More information about our graduate program and application process can be found here as well as in this video. Prospective graduate students are eligible to apply for several research fellowships before or after being admitted to Washington University, including the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and the NASA Space Technology Research Fellowship. Please contact Johanna Nagy if you are interested in submitting an application.


If you are interested in joining the Nagy Lab as a postdoc, please contact Johanna Nagy to learn more about fellowship opportunities and other positions that may be available. We welcome inquiries about projects focused on hardware, data analysis, or a combination of both. Applications are currently being accepted for the annual MCSS postdoctoral fellowship. Prospective applicants interested in collaborating on CMB instrumentation or analysis projects should get in touch with Johanna Nagy.