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The Center for High Performance Computing

The Center for High Performance Computing (CHPC) focuses on providing computational resources to tackle computationally intensive projects in human imaging community, while honoring our commitments to faculties that participated in CHPC grants.

For other users, we highly encourage you to check out the campus-wide HPC cluster rolled out through the WUIT RIS research group, https://ris.wustl.edu.

Are you new to CHPC?

Fear not. We’re here for you.

CHPC users are required to have HIPAA training certificate. The detailed instruction on how to download HIPAA certificate can be found here.

Whether you are new to high performance computing or using computation to conduct research, we’ve created tutorials to help you get started.

  • Check Getting Started for how to log into and run jobs on the cluster at CHPC. It will walk you through your first steps.
  • Find in-depth assistance in the Tutorials on how to write parallel codes to improve the efficiency and maximize performance of your job in a high performance computing environment.
  • We have a collection of Frequently Asked Questions to for beginners if you have questions.

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