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Research Interests

  • Mental health services
  • Dissemination and implementation science
  • Scale-up of mental health service
  • System re-engineering
  • Operations management in mental health services
  • Mental health policy
  • Quality improvement


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Cole is a serial social worker. He received his Bachelor of Science degree, with honors, in Social Work from Brigham Young University, his Masters in Social Work from Smith College, and is currently a fourth-year PhD student in the social work program.

Cole has enjoyed a wonderful relationship with the social work profession for nearly fifteen years. He has worked in youth development, child welfare, outpatient mental health, school-based mental health, and international community mental health services. Across these service sectors, he has been a case manager, a case planner, psychotherapist, supervisor, and director. While research and teaching are currently his primary vocations, he remains connected to direct practice through his private psychotherapy practice.┬áCole’s research interests were born from his direct practice experiences in New York City, Utah, and Uganda.

As a National Institute of Mental Health Pre-doctoral Fellow, Cole’s research is focused on scaling-up mental health services to reach a public-level impact. His approach combines mental health services research and dissemination and implementation science. He is also interested in how system re-engineering, organizational behavior, and operations management principles can influence scale-up. His most recent work has explored the role that intermediary/purveyor organizations play in the scale-up of mental health services and task-shifting strategies to expand the mental health workforce.

Cole has held academic appointments at Columbia University and Smith College in their schools of Social Work. He has developed and independently taught a course in Measurement Based Care and a course on Mental Health Services in Urban Schools. He has independently taught Practice 1 (Individuals, Families, and Groups), Program Evaluation, and an undergraduate course on Mediation. During his time at Washington University he has served as a teaching assistant for: Practice 1 (Individuals, Families, and Groups), Differential Diagnosis, Social Policy Evaluation, Management and Leadership of Organizations, and Integrated Behavioral and Mental Health Care.