Project Overview

The CHILD Global Research Fellowship aims to train early career researchers from Uganda, a Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) country with one of the highest HIV/AIDS rates and poor mental health service.  Training goals include:

  • Identify and train scientists from Uganda who will be capable of serving as a Principal Investigators (PIs) on extramurally funded intervention studies focused on combination HIV prevention addressing persistent poverty, community violence, co-occurring child and adolescent mental health problems, and HIV care and prevention in HIV-impacted communities.
  • Bring together a network of committed mentors from the global north and the global south to ensure quality training for promising new investigators from Uganda who would focus their research on culturally-congruent interventions addressing HIV/AIDS with an emphasis on co-existing CAMH and combination interventions with potential implications for LMICs, including SSA.
  • Delineate key factors that underlie successful mentorship and training of new investigators from Uganda – with potential implications for new investigators from other SSA countries – who are focused on CAMH and HIV-prevention interventions in LMICs, including SSA.


  • $4,200 annual stipend for 3 years
  • Year 1 includes year-long online seminars and training
  • Years 2 and 3 include 6 weeks of summer training to be conducted at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri USA
  • $5,000 pilot research funds in Year 2
  • Research training in foundational research skills & knowledge
  • Ongoing mentorship and support


  • Early career researcher from Uganda
  • Advanced scholar (PhD student, recent PhD graduate, or medical doctor)
  • Interest in child and adolescent health/mental health, and HIV/AIDS within resource constrained settings