8.02.2022 – Welcoming Minjun to the lab!

7.22.2022 – Two months went by too quickly, Amandi! Great work this summer!

3.24.2022 – Grateful for the support from the Cancer Research Foundation as a recipient of the Young Investigator Award!

1.13.2022 – Excited and honored to be part of translational work looking at factors predictive of serious immune related adverse events in patients receiving checkpoint blockade therapy. Work led by Aaron Newman and Aadel Chaudhuri research groups! Read all about it!

7.1.2021 – It’s official! After navigating the bowels of Barnes-Jewish Hospital, rolling microscopes and freezer boxes through the halls, and firing up the freezers, the Chen Lab doors are open in the McDonnell Medical Sciences Building. Come by and say hi! We’re excited to welcome Danielle, our new research technician, to the Chen Lab!

6.1.2021 – Welcome, Marissa, to the team!