The McDonnell Center for Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology is comprised of  the Steering Committee, the Center Director, the Manager of Financial Operations, and the Center Program Coordinator.

Steering Committee

David Holtzman – Neurology
Jeanne Nerbonne – Developmental Biology
Colin Nichols – Cell Biology and Physiology
Linda Richards – Neuroscience

Gregory Zipfel – Neurosurgery
Charles Zorumski – Psychiatry

Center Director

Linda Richards, Ph.D.

Edison Professor and Chair, Department of Neuroscience

Dr. Richards has served as Director for McDonnell Center for Cellular & Molecular Neurobiology since January  2021.  She organizes the efforts of the Steering Committee and the Administrative team.  Dr. Richards and Committee  members are responsible for reviewing and approving requests broadly related to Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience at Washington University in the forms of Small Grants, Postdoctoral Fellowships, New Resource Proposals, and other special requests.

Manager of Financial Operations

Rashelle Popinski

Rashelle oversees the Center’s financial and administrative responsibilities; including budgets and projections, account setup for funds awarded to PIs, personnel management, payroll and sourcing, and the annual offsite Neuroscience Retreat.

Program Coordinator

Carmen Horn

Carmen provides administrative support to the McDonnell Centers including organizing meetings; helping with annual Neuroscience Retreat; coordinating travel for external speakers, coordinating the small grants programs, post doctoral fellowship awards, and new resource proposals; maintaining Center website, purchasing and approvals on Center accounts; handling space and asset audits; monitoring accounts for overdrafts and close out.