FY22 Application Period Closed. 

Overview: Fellowship applications are welcomed from post-doctoral fellows whose research fits within the Center’s overall mission, which is to improve our understanding of the basic mechanisms underlying nervous system function in health and disease. Many specific areas of investigation are within this scope including but not limited to brain development, neural stem cell biology, axon and dendrite biology, synapse function, receptor biology, membrane channels, transporters, growth factors, signaling mechanisms, control of gene expression, mechanisms of intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorders and other neuropsychiatric disorders, brain tumors, and neurodegenerative diseases.

Eligibility: Applications must originate from post-doctoral investigators with at least one year of post-doctoral training in a laboratory at Washington University at the time of application (Started post-doc by April 9, 2020). There are no requirements of citizenship or permanent residency status. Staff scientists, senior scientists, and instructors are not eligible to apply. If a post-doctoral fellow receives an award during the final year of post-doctoral training, funds can only be used during the post-doctoral period of training (i.e., prior to the transition to staff scientist or to another position).

Awards: Funding will be $30,000 for one year and will begin on July 1, 2021. Funds must be used toward salary and fringe support. If a post-doctoral fellow receives another fellowship, remaining funds must be returned to the Center. At the conclusion of funding, awarded fellows must submit a one-page report outlining research progress and any publications arising from the work as well as future plans.

Proposal Submission: The submission should include a proposal text and three letters of reference; one letter should be from the laboratory head.  The proposal containing specific aims, preliminary data, figures and research design (but excluding references) is limited to 3 pages.  Proposals should be submitted Carmen Horn (horn_c@wustl.edu) by 5:00 PM, April 9, 2021.