Bio: As a current Ph.D. candidate at the George Warren Brown School of Social Work, Christina’s research interests are focused on recovery from Substance Use Disorders, in particular, natural recovery (without treatment, either formal or informal) from Opioid Use Disorders.While at the Brown School she has had the opportunity to work with various faculty including Dr. David Patterson, Dr. Carrie Pettus-Davis, and Dr. Peter Hovmand. Through her dissertation, she has had the opportunity to work more closely with Dr. Kathleen Bucholz, Psychiatry, Washington University in St. Louis and Dr. Lee Kaskutas, Public Health, UC Berkeley. Christina’s training was supported by the T32 NIH predoctoral fellowship with the National Institute of Drug Abuse (2013-2017). 

Christina currently resides in Chicago, IL where she has had the opportunity to gain teaching and mentorship experience as an Adjunct Faculty in both the Social Work and Psychology departments at Northeastern Illinois University and as a Mentor for the Doris Vrooman Alumni Mentoring Scholarship program.

Prior to entering the doctoral program at the Brown School, Christina was a research analyst at the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at the University of Chicago. Simultaneously she completed her Masters of Arts degree from the University of Chicago’s Social Service Administration (SSA) program. Her training at SSA focused on clinical evidence-based practice and advanced training for addictions counselors. During her internships at SSA she worked with some of the most disadvantaged populations including individuals who were homeless and diagnosed with both a serious mental illness and a substance use disorder.

Christina also holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU) in Chicago. Her experience at NEIU led her to some exciting research opportunities. Christina collected and analyzed observational data at the Children’s Museum under the direction and guidance of Dr. Suzanne Gaskin. In the time between completing her BA and pursuing her Masters, Christina participated in collecting and managing research data under the direction and guidance of Dr. Tanya Luhrmann at Stanford University’s Department of Anthropology. Dr. Luhrmann’s work focused on evangelical Christians and their experiences while in communication with God.

Research Interests: Illicit drug use and addiction, natural recovery (without treatment, formal or informal), Opioid Use Disorders (prescription pain medications), qualitative research, criminal justice

Curriculum Vitae: Drymon, Christina CV (Updated September 2018)

Current Research: The primary objective of Christina’s dissertation is to provide an exploratory portrait of the recovery process from Prescription Opioid Use Disorder (POUD) from the perspective of individuals who have recovered naturally. Using grounded theory, she is conducting qualitative interviews with women who have been in recovery from POUD for 3-5 years to better understand how these individual’s spend their time post-POUD and what they do for pleasure and enjoyment without POUD in order to maintain their recovery.