Pamela LaMontagne

Former Postdoctoral Researcher, now at WUSM

I received my PhD in Psychology from the Brain and Cognitive Sciences program at Southern Illinois University Carbondale in October 2010. I am currently a post-doctoral fellow working with Mark McDaniel and Todd Braver on a prospective memory, aging and fMRI project. My research interests are in evaluating the neural correlates of spontaneous memory retrieval using prospective memory, spontaneous retrieval, and repeated encoding paradigms. I am also interested in the effects of aging on long-term memory.

Selected Publications
LaMontagne, P. J. & Habib, R. (2010). Stimulus-driven incidental episodic retrieval involves activation of the left posterior parietal cortex. Neuropsychologia. 48(11): 3317-3322.

Maki P.M., Cohen M.H., Weber K, Little DM, Fornelli D, Rubin LH, Perschler P, Gould F, & Martin E. (2009) Impairments in Memory and Hippocampal Function in HIV+ Versus HIV- Women: A Preliminary Study. Neurology, 72(19):1661-8.

Maki, P. M., Ernst, M., London, E. D., Mordecai, K. L., Perschler, P., Durso, S. C., Brandt, J., Dobs, A., & Resnick, S. M. (2007) Intramuscular testosterone treatment in elderly men: evidence of memory decline and altered brain function. Journal of Cognitive Endocrinology and Metabolism, 92(11):4107-14.