Noam Keren

Graduate Student, Deanna Barch - Research Technician, The Human Neurodiversity Laboratory

Noam Keren is a graduate student in the clinical psychology program with a concentration in neuropsychology. Noam is working with Dr. Deanna Barch in the Cognitive Control and Psychology Lab. His current research efforts include studying the morphology of limbic regions in the brain and how such structural variables may relate to specific functional patterns in the frontal cortex. Specifically, analyses involve structural and functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) data obtained from individuals with Schizophrenia, their siblings, and healthy controls.

Arriving five years ago from Tel-Aviv, Israel, Noam completed his undergraduate studies in Psychology at the University of Florida in Gainesville. While at UF, Noam engaged in research at the McKnight Brain Institute under the mentorship of Dr. Christiana Leonard. Most recently, he investigated structural variables including gray matter, and cerebral sulci characteristics of brain regions involved in visual processing.

Noam’s research interests are broad, and include topics in the domains of genetics, neuromorphology, higher brain functions and their interaction, both in healthy individuals and psychopathology groups.

Abstracts and Presentations

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