The mission of CCHPR is to improve health and wellness in our St. Louis communities.

We do this by helping communities and researchers work together and learn from each other. 

Community Health Consultant program

Researchers need to hear your voice

We ask individuals in St. Louis and rural Missouri to serve as Community Health Consultants. You are already qualified to share your lived experience, the knowledge you’ve gained being you, to help improve health in our communities.

Find out why two of our community health consultants became part of the program our CHC spotlights section.

Looking for resources?

Find services near you in the START HERE St. Louis Area Resource Directory.

Community Conversations:
partners & people making a difference

This series spotlights recent conversations we’ve had with individuals and organizations in the St. Louis region.

Our Community, Our Health – St. Louis


We expect an updated COVID vaccine and Flu vaccine in September or October 2024. Please check back with us in early September to see where we’ll be.

See current CDC recommendations on who should get a COVID-19 vaccine.

To find COVID-19 vaccine locations near you: Search, text your ZIP code to 438829, or call 1-800-232-0233.

We meet some wonderful people in St. Louis who care about their community’s health.

Do you know them?


Repeat COVID-19 vaccinations elicit antibodies that neutralize variants, other viruses


The findings suggest that periodic re-vaccination for COVID-19 may cause people to gradually build up a stock of broadly neutralizing antibodies that protect them from emerging SARS-CoV-2 variants and some other coronavirus species as well, even ones that have not yet emerged to infect humans.

Stay Up to Date with COVID-19 Vaccines


See what the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends if you’re over 65, for children, those who are moderately or severely immunocompromised, and everybody else.