To initiate a collaboration with CC-GEMS please introduce your project by providing the following information to Dr. Makedonka Mitreva ( email: )

Incoming Effort Request

  1. Name:
  2. Affiliation:
  3. Contact email:

Specification checklist for incoming effort requests

  1. Is this work currently funded?
  2. Is this work a prelude to a grant?
  3. Is the requestor WUSM intra-mural or extra-mural?
  4. Has CC-GEMS already been contacted?
  5. Are animal studies involved?
  6. Are human subjects involved?
  7. What is the scope of the project?

General questions

  1. What is the scientific validity of the work?
  2. What is the innovative aspect of the project?
  3. Is the project within the capacity of CC-GEMS to perform?
  4. Is the proposal statistically well designed?
  5. Are there particular requirements in specimen acquisition, materials preparation, sequencing, data analysis and/or statistics that need to be considered?
  6. Is there public health or scientific urgency to the project?
  7. Is the proposed work in competition with other ongoing projects? How should this be managed if so?