Welcome to Cannabis Law Society at WashULaw!

Cannabis Law Society was founded in August 2022 to examine the dynamic field of cannabis law. As the field is ever-changing, it is important to educate ourselves about the current status of marijuana legislation and how the burgeoning cannabis industry has navigated through these roadblocks. WashULaw’s Cannabis Law Society knows cannabis is the next frontier in the legal field and thinks every law student should be a part of this evolution.

From cannabis’ criminal law implications to environmental law concerns, there is something for every WashULaw student at Cannabis Law Society.

Co-founders Ali Beardslee and Bibiana B. Schindler at the WashULaw student club fair.

A prohibition on intrastate use or cultivation of marijuana may no longer be necessary or proper to support the Federal Government’s piecemeal ap­proach.

Clarence Thomas

How to Get Involved:

Law students should always feel free to pop by our events. From lectures to lunches, speaker series to weekend hangouts, volunteer events to co-sponsored “Bar Reviews,” new faces (and returning members) are always welcome. Cannabis Law Society prides itself on being the “dopest club on campus,” so come as you are and meet a few new buds.

Potential speakers are also welcome to contact one of the co-presidents. You can find our emails in the “Get in Touch” section of this page.

To connect, follow us on Instagram @cannabislawsocietywustl

I think it’s the snack food industry that’s really pushing the marijuana legalization issue in California.

John Pappas

Get in touch:

Have a specific question for us? Want to speak with us or attend our next event? Please feel free to contact one of us:


  • Ali Beardslee – a.beardslee@wustl.edu
  • Bibiana B. Schindler – b.b.schindler@wustl.edu


  • Tori Andrew – a.tori@wustl.edu


  • Kelly McKeown – kellymckeown@wustl.edu

1L Representative:

  • Shayna Swanson – s.p.swanson@wustl.edu

We are always looking for more enthusiastic students to join our board! Please email us for details and a link to the club’s GroupMe.

That is not a drug. It’s a leaf.

Arnold Schwarzenegger