The Buder Center is the national leader in educating and training American Indian/Alaska Native students who will go on to serve their communities, addressing local and national social work and public health issues.
These precious Buder Scholars have decided to dedicate their careers and their lives to addressing some of the greatest health and wellness challenges throughout Indian Country.  With over 200 Buder Scholar alumni spread across the U.S., there is a significant challenge for these social services providers to remain up-to-date on the latest and best practices. There is also a great need to continue building empirically-based knowledge, which is both respectful and effective for various communities throughout Indian Country.
As the Research Director, I am fortunate and honored to be part of a team who is devoted to scientifically investigating programs and practices in Indian Country, with the sole purpose of returning that valuable knowledge back to communities. Our team has the experience and knowledge to work with American Indian/Alaska Native communities, to conduct program evaluation, design and carryout rigorous research, and to consult with social services programs.
I encourage you take a look at our website and to reach out to us with questions regarding any research and evaluation needs.