Established in 1990 as a Center to provide scholarships for American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) students, the Buder Center has grown into so much more. Our mission is to prepare future American Indian leaders to practice in tribal and urban settings, making significant contributions to the health, wellness and sustained future of Indian Country. To accomplish this, we continue to provide scholarships, conduct research with tribal communities, provide educational, leadership and professional development opportunities for students outside of the classroom, inform the AI/AN curriculum within the Brown School and collaborate with faculty, organizations and alumni.

The Buder Center program has graduated 178 scholars. As the fourth Director of the Buder Center and as one of these alumni, it is my wish to honor these leaders, build upon their successes and develop new opportunities. The Center will continue to offer esteemed programs, create new ones, engage with tribal and community leaders and prepare students to become change-agents in Native communities.

A central aspect of our mission is the belief that traditions and culture are integral to success. Many of our traditions are held sacred and passed on by the women in our lives. This year, the theme for the 29th Annual Pow Wow is: “Keep Them Sacred: Honoring Generations of Indigenous Women.” Preparations for this event are underway, with our Buder Scholars organizing this free event open to the public. The Pow Wow will be held April 20, 2019 in the Field House at Washington University in St. Louis. We look forward to seeing you there!