Krystian Sisson

Muscogee Creek

“I have always loved to create. I grew up surrounded by talented seamstresses, painters, crafters, and people who can just flat out make something beautiful out of anything. As a kid, if I wasn’t playing outside, I was making something inside. I remember one year, my sister and I got a little bead jewelry-making kit from our parents, which we loved. We spent hours weaving beaded bracelets together.

As I come into my identity as a Native American woman, I have felt a great deal of connection through making art. I recently learned to make traditional native beaded jewelry. It is definitely more complicated than the little bracelet kit we used to play with, but there is something so special to me about how full circle my experience with making beaded jewelry has come. When I create art, I can’t help but feel connected to my relatives and ancestors who have come before me, as if their creativity now flows through me.

Something I’d like to share with folks is that art truly is for everyone. It doesn’t require special talent or training, just the willingness to explore and express creativity. It can just be fun! One of its greatest powers, though, is that it can be a means of connecting with others, with culture, and with yourself.”