Charity Holmes


“I can honestly say that I am not proud of my past or that part of my life, yet I know it has made me the person I am today. Therefore; I can stand proudly and completely amazed when I consider how far I have come.

I am Charity Faith Holmes, Cherokee/Seminole-Creek born in Tahlequah, Ok although it has not always been my home, it will always be home to me. It was there that I found space to grow, a place where I felt comfortable enough to explore the things that oppressed me and decide if I wanted to sit in it or make a change for myself and the generations behind me. I spent my whole life trapped behind the miserable walls of depression, anxiety, addictions, physical, emotional and sexual abuses.

I found myself at the brink of suicide I was paralyzed by it I was angry at the circumstances of my life and the heartaches I endured. It was there I faced such a deep dilemma, am I really ready to die, or am I gonna get up out of this bed and fight for my life. I have been fighting since that day. I assumed flipping burgers, staying sober and keeping a roof over my head is what I deserved and I should just be thankful that I was sober. Yet my eyes began to open to the world around me as my selfish walls began to fall and it was there that I decided I wanted to help others to take down their walls so they to could enjoy this life. I fought the many barriers that I had built for myself and won.

I continue to fight the roadblocks that continue to jump in my way because if there is one thing I have gained from my elders is that we don’t allow those things to break us, we keep moving forward so that the world will see a picture of resiliency.”