The IRISE fellowship program allows students to gain research experience within the Buder Center on projects that benefit tribes, tribal organizations and Indigenous communities. IRISE fellows are mentored by the Research Manager at the Buder Center and will focus their time on specific projects that this mentor will oversee. The program is open to Brown School masters students and Buder Doctoral Fellows who want to enhance their understanding and practice of Indigenous research frameworks and Indigenous research methodologies. Specific skill development will depend on each fellow.  Fellows complete 30 hours of practice within 10 weeks. Fellows are selected at the beginning of each spring semester and complete before the semester ends.

The tentative IRISE Application cycle starts December 14, 2020 and ends January 14, 2021. View the 

IRISE Fellows

Previous IRISE Fellows

Ashton Megli

Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

The logo for Indigenous Research Initiatives that Support and Engage Communities (IRISE) was created by Abaki Beck, MPH, Blackfeet and Red River Métis and a 2020 Buder Scholar. The logo represents a blend of Western and Indigenous research methodologies and the strength of Indigenous students and scholars. The second “I” represents data points or data visualization. The eagle represents strength, wisdom, and flight to reflect Indigenous students pursuing their passions.