The Buder Center conducts a variety of research with tribal communities and Brown School faculty, making significant scientific contributions to Indian Country.

For over 25 years the Buder Center has been a premier graduate research center in the field of social work. The Center produces publications, organizes national meetings, conducts literature reviews on various Native issues, and presents its work at national conferences.

Since 1997, the Buder Center has been engaged in community-based research projects in Indian Country. These projects have produced findings that have informed public policy. The Center’s research in the areas of welfare reform, Indian Child Welfare Act implementation, and tribal access to Title IV-E foster care and adoption funds have been discussed at congressional hearings and ultimately used to guide the drafting of legislative proposals.

Further, the Buder Center offers its Scholars opportunities to be a part of or lead a research project.  Buder Scholars are exposed to Native research, including adapting research initiatives to meet the needs of Native communities, conducting in-depth literature reviews, and assisting the Buder Center in current initiatives, to name a few.