Edited Volume

The Oxford Handbook of the Economics of Networks, edited with Y. Bramoullé and A. Galeotti (Oxford University Press, 2016, forthcoming).


The Economic Consequences of Social Network Structure, with M. Jackson and Y. Zenou (Journal of Economic Literature, 55(1), 2017: 49-95).

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Homophily and Long-Run Integration in Social Networks (The Journal of Economic Theory, 147(5), September 2012: 1754-1786), with Yann Bramoullé, Sergio Currarini, Matthew Jackson, and Paolo Pin. (This paper is the result of merging Diversity and Popularity in Social Networks, with Yann Bramoullé, with another working paper at the request of an editor.)

A Comment on V. Bhaskar (2000) “Egalitarianism and Efficiency in Repeated Symmetric Games”, Games and Economic Behavior, 32: 247-262, with Christoph Kuzmics (Games and Economic Behavior, 74(1), January 2012: 240-242).

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Relating Network Structures to Diffusion Properties through Stochastic Dominance, with Matthew Jackson (The B.E. Journal of Theoretical Economics, 7(1) (Advances), Article 6). (Recipient of the 2007 BE Press Arrow Prize for Senior Economists)

Meeting Strangers and Friends of Friends: How Random are Social Networks? (AER page), with Matthew Jackson (The American Economic Review, 97(3), June 2007). Chicago Tribune Writeup: March 6, 2007.

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Social Learning With Private and Common Values, with Jacob Goeree and Tom Palfrey (Economic Theory, 28(2), June 2006: 245-264).

Book Chapters

Networks: An Economic Perspective, with M. Jackson and Y. Zenou (The Oxford Handbook of Social Networks, eds. R. Light and J. Moody, 2017, forthcoming).

Stochastic Network Formation and Homophily, with P. Pin (The Oxford Handbook of the Economics of Networks, eds. Y. Bramoullé, A. Galeotti, and B. Rogers, 2016).

Working papers

Efficiency-based measures of inequality, with C. Andonie and C. Kuzmics (Under review).

Cooperation in Anonymous Dynamic Social Networks, with Brendan Lucier and Nicole Immorlica (Under revision).

An incomplete information justification of symmetric equilibrium in symmetric games, with Christoph Kuzmics.

Divergence, Closed Cycles and Convergence in Scarf Environments: Experiments in the Dynamics of General Equilibrium Systems, with Ming Hsu, Masayoshi Hirota and Charlie Plott (October, 2005; Social Science Working Paper No. 1239).

A Strategic Theory of Network Status (2005, available upon request).

The Timing of Social Learning (First draft: May 2003; This draft: September, 2005).

Work in progress

Search with Recall, with Y. Bramoullé.

Ambiguity Aversion or Confusion?: Evidence from Lab Experiments, with Christoph Kuzmics and Xiannong Zhang.

Rational inattention in a dynamic environment: Evidence from Lab Experiments, with Ludmila Matyskova and Jakub Steiner.

An Experiment on Bayesian Persuasion and Higher Order Beliefs, with Ina Taneva.


Here are slides from a tutorial I gave with Florian Herold at ACM EC08 titled “Economic Aspects of Social Networks”. They borrow in places from Matt Jackson’s textbook on the topic.