Three Levels of Risk

Distinct spectograms for each level of risk: Low, Medium, and High



  • There is a consistent power measuring around 20db/Hz that continues throughout the entire period. This is likely due to the fact that cards which were ranked with low risk were the first cards the participants saw. The amount of power, therefore, is most likely a result of concentration, and a little due to heightened risk, because those were the first cards the participants saw.
  • In the medium risk spectrograms, 10db/Hz of power is present which is lower than both the low and high risk spectrograms. This differences can be accounted for a participant feeling confident in how the game works resulting in less concentration and the risk is not yet high enough for participants to feel nervous or anxious.
  • Substantial high frequencies occurred within the first 2 seconds of the high risk spectograms that appear to be more of an instinctual reaction that is most likely a result of risk perception rather than concentration. This provides us with a correlation between brainwaves’ frequency power and perceived risk.