Concentration vs Risk

Differences and Similarities with Concentration and Risk


The figure above showcases Trial 13’s spectrogram as they completed the control math problems. Due to the varying time needed to solve the math problems and the difficulty some faced, we analyzed the concentration trial by trial instead of making an average of all trials.


  • In the concentration portion of the spectrogram there was consistent power at a frequency of 2Hz while in the low risk spectrogram there was consistent power at a frequency of 5Hz.
  • Both spectograms from the three levels of risk and concentration have power distributed through higher frequencies; however, frequencies that reach high values and have a medium amount of power occur more frequently in the risk spectrograms that the control one.
  • Like the high risk spectrograms, the concentration spectrograms also have distinct peaks of high frequencies but that is due to a participant coming across a challenging multiplication problem instead of a instinctual reaction.