The WashU Bridge Club was founded in 2019 by Rohan Srivastava. In just our first few years, we have grown to be one of the largest collegiate bridge clubs in the country with over 50 active members, most of whom learned how to play bridge in college. As a club, we hope to serve as a place where anyone feels comfortable stopping by to get a break from their work while playing a few games of cards. Many members look forward to bridge club as a time in the week where they can just relax and chat with friends. However, we also compete in scrimmages and all the national collegiate bridge tournaments. Some notable achievements from our first few years of competition include:

  • Second place finish in the 2022 Collegiate Bridge Bowl winning a $5,000 scholarship. More info in this article!
  • A third place overall finish in both the team and pairs formats of the 2021 Collegiate Bridge Bowl
  • A 14-player team captained by Jonah Kaufman placed first in the beginner’s division of the 2020 Collegiate Bridge Bowl
  • Winning many online scrimmages against colleges around the country and we now have begun traveling for in-person play
  • Continuing to grow our relationship with the St. Louis Bridge Center and having success in a few of their games