The overall goal of this workshop is to explore how notions of hierarchical dynamics and control theory may enable new understanding of brain function and neural information processing.

Workshop Organizers

•    ShiNung Ching, Washington University, Electrical & Systems Eng.
•    Jr-Shin Li, Washington University, Electrical & Systems Eng.


Spurred by the development of both new technologies and new scientific initiatives, interest is coalescing around the use of dynamical systems and control theory to study the workings of the human brain.

Neuroscience affords several new and interesting research challenges, due to the immense complexity of the system at hand, the dynamics of which span many spatial and temporal scales. Understanding how these dynamics mediate brain function is a pivotal neuroscience question that is seemingly well-aligned with the approaches innate to systems and control engineering.

This workshop aims to provide a focused forum for the discussion of research synergy between experts from the dynamics, control and neuroscience communities. By facilitating this discussion early in the inception of this interdisciplinary area, the workshop will aid in ensuring long-term, sustained research impact.

Students are especially encouraged to participate, so as to learn from and contribute to the interdisciplinary dialogue.