Field training at the Office of Population Studies, University of San Carlos.

Cover photo, AJHB December 2012

The staff at OPS in 2007-2008, including my US collaborator.

Summer research students (Jessica Yoon, Rubabin Tooba) practice fingerprick blood draws on each other.

Meytal, Christian, and Justine working in the lab.

Fieldwork, Kathmandu, summer 2013.

Quinn in the Nutrition Lab, National Zoological Park

Mother and daughters, Cebu 2007. Cover photo AJHB 2012 July.

My field team. On this hot day, we are sharing a soda – and using empty sample containers as cups.

Fieldwork, Samdo village (Nubri, Nepal) during summer 2013.

Fieldwork in Shayla village, Nubri, Nepal during summer 2013.

Fieldwork, Kathmandu, summer 2013.

The 2015 Infancy @Altitude Field Team

Working with mothers in the community.