• WU Undergraduates Students may conduct In-Person Clinical Research if their Faculty Mentor agrees and both the Faculty Mentor and WU undergraduate follow the guidance provided on the web site of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research titled

To Register:

  • Students are expected to seek out a mentor whose clinical research, studies, or projects interest them.  Your mentor must be a Washington University Medical School Faculty Member.
  • It is recommended that students select multiple mentors to email.  Be professional and craft your emails as if you are applying for a job.  Attach a resume or include information in the email highlighting skills, education, or experience that promote yourself and your interest to learn from and work with the particular mentor/department.
  • Use the links and information on the “Find a Mentor” tab to find a mentor.
  • Once you’ve found a mentor, determined your project, and developed a schedule fill out the online application.  The link to the application is at the bottom of this page.
  • There is space on the application for you to paste your work plan and schedule.
  • Once you’ve completed the application (applications without a work plan/schedule will not be accepted.) it will be reviewed by Dr. Downey.  The necessary permissions and approvals will be collected from your mentor.  After approval from both Dr. Downey and your mentor you will be enrolled.
  • For any questions regarding this process please contact Patrick at


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