When am I expected to begin my work/research?

  • Bio 265 students are expected to begin research as soon as their work plan and schedule are approved by Dr. Downey and their mentor.

If there is a background check and drug test required, am I expected to pay for it?

  • All costs associated with any/all of the above Hospital/clinic/Department requirements will be paid for by the mentors Department or your mentor’s Administrator will notify you, that you, the student are responsible for the above costs before registering for Bio 265.

Can I enroll in Bio 265 in the summer?

  • It is possible for a student to receive Bio 265 credit for clinical work conducted over the summer by enrolling in Bio 265S. Bio 265S units post to student’s fall schedule.
  • Application deadline is June 1. See the Bio 265 hrs/week/unit table above for summer schedule types (Summer credit will become part of 21 allowed credit and the student is responsible for paying WU if the student exceeds 21 credits in the Fall).

If you have other questions that you feel should be part of the FAQ section please email the BIO 265 mailbox: bio265@gowustl.onmicrosoft.com

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