Course Master

Dr. Joan Downey, MPH., M.D.

Bio 265 Basics

  • Bio 265 is a course designed for students who wish to earn credit for non-classroom learning in the life sciences in a variety of activities arranged by the student
  • Bio 265 registration is completed using an online application.
  • A work plan and schedule written by the student is a required component of the online application.
  • Participants must meet regularly with a supervisor and commit at least 140 hours over two semesters.
  • A progress report is due after one semester and a final paper after two semesters. 
  • Application Deadlines: Fall/Spring semesters-First Friday of semester in which you are applying. Summer – First Friday of June.
  • Students must register separately for each semester.
  • Due to federally mandated HIPAA guidelines, all students must complete HIPAA Training PRIOR to registration. We will not be able to make any exceptions. Please contact Mr. Patrick Clark in the Student Affairs Office located in the Plant Growth Building, Room 105. (South of the NSLC) to get the appropriate forms and details for compliance.
  • Students should be aware that hospitals now require a Felony Background check and a Drug screening test before Registration in the course is final and before patient exposure begins.  Once the student has identified the WU faculty member who agrees to mentor their Bio 265 experience, the faculty mentor needs to refer the student to the appropriate Division or Departmental Administrator to determine their specific requirements.  WU HR Background checks and drug screening can take at least 2 weeks for results which are required before Danforth Registration.
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