Daniel Mendelsohn, author of “An Odyssey: A Father, a Son, and an Epic” talks about reading and memoirs with the New York Times. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/04/books/review/daniel-mendelsohn-by-the-book.html



Erich Gruen talks about the road to his career as an ancient historian in “The Bumpy Path to Classics,” published by Amphora (the outreach journal of the Society for Classical Studies). https://classicalstudies.org/amphora/amphora-bumpy-path-classics


Kathleen Coleman’s consulting role for the film Gladiator is discussed alongside other stories of Hollywood “epics” in the Financial Times. https://www.ft.com/content/95ca7faa-702f-11d9-b572-00000e2511c8



John Camp is honored for his 50 years with the Athenian Agora excavations in this 2016 video. https://vimeo.com/166798518




Richard Martin, expert on Greek epic, discusses his professional story and the composition of the Odyssey in this podcast interview. http://greecepodcast.com/episode15.html