BERD has identified a number of individuals from Washington University and other ICTS Partner Institutions to supplement the expertise of members of the BERD. These experts have agreed to consider requests from ICTS members for methodological input into research protocols. The ICTS has agreed to subsidize their effort similar to that which would be provided if BERD itself were performing the services. Up to four hours effort will be subsidized by ICTS for the initial consultation. Any additional effort by the expert will be billed by the expert. In many cases, a referral to a member of the MER will be made by BERD when it appears that such referral would be productive. ICTS members who have identified a particular expert by referring to the registry (Methodology Expert Registry) the investigator should complete a Request for Services and provide the expert’s name as the consultant requested. BERD will then contact the expert to see if they are willing to accept this particular referral. If so, then the expert will be provided the contact information of the investigator so that a time/place to meet can be arranged.

Want to become an MER member?  Simply complete the MER Expert Enrollment.