To schedule a consultation there are two different ways to contact us. Please read our guidelines and recommendations before requesting a service or making a BERD Clinic appointment. Also be sure to register as an ICTS member.

Request Service: Provides intensive statistical support for ICTS investigators and scholars. To request a service, please complete a request form or email us. Upon submission of your request, you should receive an email confirmation that we have received your request. Then, if you do not hear from us within three business days of your request, please contact Ken Schechtman at 314-362-2271 or Philip Miller at 314-362-3617.


With the goal to enhance science, our hope is that successful consultations will turn into collaborative relationships where BERD members are an integral part of the research team. Services available to ICTS investigators and scholars include:

  • Support preparation of Protocol/Proposal
  • Review scholar projects with CRTC scholars and their mentors
  • Triage requests to other appropriate methodological and quantitative ICTS investigators
  • Consult with investigators doing their own data analyses
  • Conduct data analysis
  • Create data management systems for study data
  • Consult on creation of study forms
  • Available for formal or informal presentations to ICTS investigators
  • Develop new instruments
  • Coordinating Center for multi-institutional studies
  • Available to participate on Data and Safety Monitoring Committees
  • Develop new statistical approaches

Please refer to our guidelines and recommendations to enhance your relationship with the BERD.


Information regarding our fees may be found here