We are a theoretical research group with broad interests in elementary particle physics (also known as high-energy physics), particle astrophysics (or astroparticle physics) and particle cosmology. Our main goal is to establish a clear and coherent picture of the new physics beyond the Standard Model (SM) of particle physics.

While the Standard Model has been remarkably successful in providing a quantitative, quantum mechanical description of the strong, weak and electromagnetic interactions of the basic building blocks of nature, it cannot be the ultimate theory of our universe. In particular, it fails to explain the observed non-zero neutrino masses, matter-antimatter asymmetry and dark matter in the universe.

Our research group focuses on both theoretical and phenomenological aspects of plausible underlying new physics scenarios that could address these outstanding puzzles and also shed light on other theoretical or aesthetic limitations of the SM. Assuming that the scale of new physics might be within an experimentally accessible range, we are exploring testable consequences of new physics in current and future experiments at various fundamental frontiers, including the Energy, Intensity, Cosmic, Precision and Lifetime frontiers.