The core of the community is built on the faculty, scientists, postdocs, and students associated with the BMB department and the BBSB graduate program. However, there are no requirements to be a part of either of these groups to participate in our community.

We are organized into four committees:

What we believe in


We respect the basic dignity of every community member regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, family status, ethnicity, nationality, citizenship status, and religious beliefs. We strive to treat all others with humanity, courtesy, understanding, kindness and compassion. We acknowledge that our individual perspectives may differ but nonetheless remain equally valid; and we commit to making the time and space to empathize with other points of view. We recognize that none of us are perfect in this regard, but we all have a responsibility to improve – and to help others to improve as well. We must maintain an environment where it is OK to discuss issues as they arise, and we must hold ourselves and others to our core values.

Diversity and inclusivity

We celebrate the individuals that contribute to our diverse community, and value their scientific and societal contributions. We strive to promote their work and accomplishments in an equitable manner. We recognize that diversity leads to innovation, but innovation is not the only reason to promote diversity: To promote diversity is to promote people’s basic human rights.


We will hold each other accountable for upholding these values. We must assure that our community provides an environment where all can learn from one another, and each person can pursue their scientific interests and succeed. We welcome feedback (including corrective feedback) without prejudice. We are committed to becoming active allies to those experiencing discrimination. As individuals and as a collective we commit to challenge racism, misogyny/sexism, ableism, transphobia, queerphobia, xenophobia, antisemitism, anti-Indigeneity and other dehumanizing biases. We will never tolerate discriminatory behavior or speech, and we will collectively act quickly to confront and address any issues that arise.