Functional Neuroimaging and Biophotonics Lab

Our lab develops novel optical imaging methods for both basic and translational neuroscience applications in mice. Our interdisciplinary research integrates physics, engineering, biology, and the neurosciences. By designing and building all of our imaging systems and software analysis algorithms, we are able to specifically tailor an imaging modality to the biological question being asked.

Two major themes running through our lab’s research are mapping functional brain organization in the mouse and examining how changes in local neural activity are related to corresponding changes in blood flow. We are very interested in mapping functional network connectivity in the mouse brain, and how those connections evolve in healthy mice and models of disease, in particular stroke. To help us answer our questions, we use the latest advances mouse genetics and optogenetic targeting strategies. An important component of our research involves collaboration with clinicians to discuss how our findings at the bench relate to observations in patients, and how clinical observations can be taken back to the lab for mechanistic studies in mice.