iOS 11 Accessibility Updates

iOS 11 was released on September 19. Apple continues to improve its mobile operating system by adding or enhancing accessibility features. The following are examples of some accessibility improvements now available.

Smart Invert Colors

iOS 10 Invert Color example

Previous version of iOS applied color inversion to all images and video.

A new option has been added to the color inversion feature called Smart Invert. With Smart Invert enabled, images and videos are not affected by the setting. Previously when colors were inverted all images and videos were also inverted.

Type for Siri

Interaction with Siri is now possible by typing with the onscreen keyboard. This is a benefit for users with speech difficulties as well as all users that need to use Siri in a quiet environment or when privacy is a concern.

One-Handed Keyboard

Keyboard layouts have been added allowing users to more effectively type with one hand. The layout can be customized to either the right or left hand.

Dynamic Type Enhancements

Dynamic Type has been improved when using the larger text sizes. Apple has improved their API to allow third-party app developers to utilize these large-text enhancements.

VoiceOver Image Descriptions

VoiceOver will automatically scan and detect text embedded in images, including those lacking alternative text.

VoiceOver Drag and Drop Support

Drag and Drop actions are integrated into VoiceOver. By tapping and holding an item, VoiceOver will announce when a user has dragged it over another app or folder.