Tips When You Need to Design A One-Page Website

Websites are designed according to their need and target audiences. During the design, the developer focuses on the end-user of the website and creates content that will resonate well with them. For example, when creating a website for the sales function, the content is driven towards growing sales. For those intended for advertising, the SEO and contents are created with the aim of driving traffic to the site. Below are factors to consider when creating and designing a simple web page.

Background (pay attention to the theme on the background) 

The first thing we see when launching a website is the homepage background. The background must not intercept the rest of the content. The most preferred here is a pastel-toned image or grey shaded image (themed black and white photo). Avoid the use of animation as a background, if possible. 

Provide Quality UX

     Here the goal is to provide intuitiveness of navigation, which is not difficult to do. One has to subdivide all the content into several logical blocks, place the navigation menu at the top of the page, and make sure one is able to get somewhere by clicking some of the menu items. 

Adding anchor to the site makes it easier for users to navigate through your site. One should also link the sites Menu to the anchor directing a user to a particular section on the page. Lastly, one should incorporate a hanging or floating menu in the web header page to avoid excessive scrolling by users of the web page that could eventually drive them away.

Choose the best fitting color scheme and font type. 

Arguably considered the most essential to the web, color scheme must always harmonize with the background. Always remember that many displays might distort shades, brighter shades might look neon to some users. 

Work on Scrolling and Parallax

Special attention is needed on this. There are also ways to scroll automatically to the middle or even the end of the page. The template chosen plays a critical role in order to achieve scrolling. Basically, you need to make the background image move more slowly, as opposed to the forefront elements i.e., it changes position smoothly as the scroll bar moves up and down. This can be achieved by JQuery. 

Parallax scrolling is an effect that creates a 3D illusion creating an eye-catching and engagement-boosting on your website with the different strips you’ve added in the previous step. It makes the layers in the background and foreground in order to assist users scrolls down your site. 

One-page websites seem slightly one dimensional, adding and creating an effect like parallax scrolling giving the site that extra punch it needs. To create parallax effects, adding subtle animations to your strips, like zoom in, reveal, and fade creates a parallax effect.

Adapt a Website For Mobile devices 

When creating a website using CMS like WordPress, it will adapt to the mobile version. You can also build a single-page website from scratch, based on a custom engine. In this case, you have to create an adaptive design that will automatically scale in accordance with the display of using mobile devices. If you are located in London you can use lilo services.

Optimize the Location of the Text Blocks. 

Conversion rates are likely may be affected badly if a single-page website features too many text blocks, a single format in itself implies a brief chain of actions from the user perspective. If you bombard the user with tons of text to read and waste their precious time, they might leave the website early. Ensure the text is precise and captivating to create curiosity to the viewer prompting them to want to get more information about the item, product, or service. Information leading directly to the CTA button must be placed and presented briefly, comprehensively, and subsequently. 

Develop a Working CTA(Call-to-Action)

The most crucial things are the development of a working CTA. CTA is a graphical element that motivates or encourages site users to perform certain actions, i.e. buy, download, subscribe. The employment of such elements increases the sales rate and provide good product promotion. 

For your CTA to work efficiently, it must have the following 

1. Be intuitive, logical, concise 

2. Encourage the user to perform a single action – buy, register, subscribe. 

3. Be visually outstanding against the background of graphical elements by color and form. 

4. The text must clearly demonstrate the products or service’s value for a certain user. 

5. The impression of urgency to purchase must be achieved. 

6. The text should include verified statistical data. 

7. The text must respect the personal user boundaries. 

Emphasize the Contact Block 

The user should effortlessly find any information related to your contact data on the site. Put all the phone numbers, addresses, social media links, blogs in separate blocks, usually placed at the top of the site. 

Create Media Blocks 

It’s imperative and reasonable to enrich your website with media data instead of interspersing it with dry text all through. Use animation or videos, which will make it more impressive.

Modular Development

Traditionally Javascript is added to the page by the use of the script element. The libraries are dependent on each other with a list of codes to reference the dependencies. New files are easy to be added but are a nightmare to maintain. To solve this, each script file is treated as a separate module and identified using a relative file path for ease of identification. These semantics can be built using the support libraries such as Browserfy or RequireJS and form as the basis of identification and functionality of the web page. The largest library available over time is AMD (Asynchronous Module Definition).

  The above factors to help one to create an intuitive webpage that will drive traffic to the site, thereby helping the owner benefit for the intended purpose of the site. It is also imperative to add your social media accounts with a captivating link to the site, as this will increase your online presence. A person is likely to click and visit your page directly from your social media account.

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