Post Docs

Keitaro Hase, MD, PhD

Degrees: MD, Hiromae University School of Medicine (2009); PhD  Hokkaido University (2020)

Project/Interest: Uveitis

Ryo Terao, MD, PhD

Degrees: MD, University of Tsukuba (2008); PhD University of Tokyo (2020)

Project/Interest: Impact of aging on eye disease pathology.

Mitsukuni Yoshida, MD, PhD

Degrees: MD, Washington University (2021); PhD Washington University (2019)

Project/Interest: Aging, Metabolism, Circadian Rhythms

Graduate Students

Jason Colasanti

 PhD student, Molecular Cell Biology

Undergrad: University of Maryland–College Park

Project: The single greatest risk factor for cancer, stroke, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer’s disease is increasing age. Therefore, my goal is to better understand how our bodies age. Currently, I am investigating cellular senescence and how it plays a role in physiological dysfunction and age-related diseases.

Tim Lee

PhD student, Developmental Biology

Undergrad: BE in Biomedical Engineering, Vanderbilt University (2015)

Project: Deciphering the role of AMPK in mouse photoreceptors

Yoon Lee

PhD Rotation Student, Developmental Biology

Undergrad: Brandeis University (2019)

Joseph Lin

MSTP MD/PhD student, Neurosciences

Undergrad: B.S. in Biology, Case Western Reserve University (2016)

Project: I am interested in studying how aging affects the eye with a specific focus on treatments for age-associated diseases that can cause vision loss.

Chas Pfeifer

PhD student, Neurosciences

Undergrad: B.S. Neuroscience, University of Rochester (2017); B.M. Classical guitar performance, Eastman School of Music (2017)

Project:  Investigating the contribution of microglia to diabetic retinopathy progression in various mouse models and characterizing the role of pericytes in retinal microvascular structure and function.

Zelun Wang

MSTP MD/PhD student, Neurosciences

Undergrad: Rice University (2016)

Project: I study the effect of aging on immune and signaling processes involving macrophages that contribute to neurodegeneration in the eye. I am also interested in retinal ganglion cell subtypes and their susceptibility to disease.

Undergraduate Students

Ray Wang

Washington University


Andrea Santeford

Research Laboratory Supervisor

Degrees: M.S. Biology-Molecular and Cellular Regulation, St. Louis University (2005); B.S. Biology, University of Missouri (2003)

Projects: Molecular regulation of macrophage aging; Zika virus and ocular infection; the role of fibroblast growth factors in vascular neogenesis.   

Dan Du

Research Technician II

Degrees: B.A. Biochemistry with a minor in Computer Science, Washington University in St. Louis (2021)

Projects/Interests: Role of inflammatory cells in aging and Alzheimer models.

Darksha Usmani

Research Assistant

Degrees: M.S. Applied Microbiology & Biotechnology ( Dr. Harisingh Gour University Sagar)

Projects/Interests: Corneal wound healing and mantainance