5/5/2021: Ryo Terao, MD PhD  has been selected as the 2021 International Retinal Research Foundation Alston Callahan, MD Postdoctoral Scholar

4/1/2021: Welcome to the Apte Lab, Dr. Keitaro Hase!

3/22/2021: Dr. Apte appointed Associate Editor to Ophthalmology Science Journal

3/19/2021: Ryo erao, MD PhD has received a grant from Bayer Japan for retinal research

12/15/2020: Welcome to the Apte Lab, Dr. Ryo Terao!

11/30/2020: Christopher K. Wang, MD PhD, receives Vitreoretinal Surgery Foundation (VRSF) research grant 

11/22/2020: Congratulations, Harsh Moolani, Rhodes finalist!

11/5/2020: Sourcing Photoreceptor-like Cells for Treating Vision Loss

11/3/2020: Cornea appears to resist infection from novel coronavirus 

10/29/2020: SARM1 depletion rescues NMNAT1-dependent photoreceptor cell death and retinal degeneration 

5/19/2020: Congratulations, Jonathan Lin, MD PhD, Ceil M. DeGutis Prize Award Recipient!

5/6/2020: Congratulations, Jonathan Lin, MD PhD, Dr. William Ellis Award winner!

5/6/2020: Congratulations, Mitsu Yoshida, PhD, finalist in the National Regeneron Postdoctoral Scientist Prize competition!   

4/1/2020: Congratulations, Mitsu Yoshida, PhD, Dr. Needleman Pharmacology Prize winner!     

3/12/2020: Congratulations, Jonathan Lin, MD PhD, David A. Kepnis Award recipient!

2/28/2020: Jongshin Kim, MD PhD receives VitreoRetinal Surgery Foundation (VRSF) grant