We often have opportunities for research assistants. Please see the below for more information. Dr. Rodebaugh WILL be reviewing applications in 2021 for graduate students entering in 2022.

There are currently no postdoctoral research associate/postdoctoral fellow opportunities available.

Potential Graduate Students

Greetings to potential graduate students! Dr. Rodebaugh does plan to review applications submitted in 2020 for Fall 2021.

The graduate students working in this lab are enrolled in the Clinical Science Training program at Washington University in St. Louis. Information for prospective graduate students applying to Wash U. is available at the Department of Psychology’s website.

Research Assistant Opportunities

If you are interested in becoming a research assistant for APL, you may fill out an application by clicking on the following link. Please note, all new research assistants must be current students and they must be available to volunteer a minimum of 6 hours per week.

Research Assistant application form (independent study and volunteer)

Once you have completed the online application, please email Jason Grossman (jtgrossman@wustl.edu) with a copy of your CV.

PLEASE NOTE: The lab will not be taking on new RAs for the Fall 2021 semester. However, it is possible that positions may be available during the Spring or Summer semesters of 2022. If interested, please submit an application in mid-November 2021.

General information about research assistantships

Former undergrad RAs 

Current lab projects